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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  July 25, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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retreat. he has a guess where he learned first aid. >> i am guessing tv. i think he would know how to stop the bleeding. the program is designed to teach team building and critical thinking. her student learned a lot in that lesson. >> they were put to the test and demonstrated incredible leadership. >> reporter: she went through a similar retreat and says he would rather face the dangerous streets than a bear. >> i like the view, and time that mountains but i am not a big fan of the woods. >> i talked to victor martin when he was on a lay over tonight and he says he is glad to be coming home. ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police released the names of two suspects in connection with a
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shooting on friday where a bullet struck a young girl. shadon caprice mitchell and lazarus thomas were arrested. the bullet struck a girl and the shooting was gang related and may have stemmed from a argument. the girl is in critical condition. we learned today what authority found in the home of one of the us spects accused of beating san francisco giants' fan bryan stow. one suspect may have also been involved in other attacks that night. >> reporter: we have obtain these documents that show one of the defends a-- defendants attacked two other suspects and bragging may have put them on lapd's radar. these stetches take us inside the los angeles courtroom where the arraignments of louie sanchez and marvin norwood were delayed. disappointing news to bryan
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stow's girlfriend. >> frustrated. i just want this to happen already. louie sanchez and marvin norwood are facing felony charges for willfully attacking bryan stow. court documents say the attack was so violent and left bryan stow in a coma. but the documents also detail two other attacks committed by louie sanchez that day at dodger stadium. against a woman. and an unnamed man. news that didn't come as a surprise to friends close to bryan stow. >> i just want justice to be served. i want them to receive the maximum penality for their actions. >> reporter: this afternoon me obtained more documents. bail documents that show what police found. during a search of marvin norwood's home investigators discovered five fire arms. including an assault rifle.
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the finding helped prosecutors proved both men pose a public safety risk, requiring a high bail. $500,000 each. >> reporter: police sources said that in addition to bragging they have cell phone records and photos placing them that game and the woman implicated them as well. we are here live at the hospital where bryan stow is recovering and his friends say they were following this investigation but the most important thing is bryan stow's recovery. reporting live, patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. coming up, the san francisco giants visited the white house today. football season is back on. today the nfl owners and players came to an agreement ending the lockout. players are voting on the contract. ktvu's robert handa is live, everyone is acting like it's a done deal. >> that's right. people say the season is on.
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it's a big change from what has been going on here but now the 49ers and nfl are ready to open their doors for football. the gates to the 49ers's camp will open tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. for players and this year's football season. the head coach confirmed owners and the players association approved a new 10 year collective-bargaining agreement after working out issues such as the length of the contract, sharing revenue and a salary system for rookies. >> first order of business is, you know, start seeing our players. that's the thing i am most excited about. >> some players work out at san jose state university and heard about the agreement. >> circus the last few weeks reading what is going on. so i think that finally -- confirmed word that there has been progress and an agreement has been made is a good thing.
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>> reporter: he agreed. >> it's a relief. let's go. now we can move forward and get to work. >> it's not just players who feel that way, santa clara is building a new stadium. what kind of obstacles does it remove? >> lot of extra money from the nfl. by all means you need football. >> reporter: josh morgan is being cosh cautious. he said the last time he heard the lockout was over he came here and was kicked out. this time he wants to hear it from the coach. >> i am not going to get rejected like i did last time. >> reporter: all players will be notified. training camp begins thursday and the hope opener is september 11. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. president obama will address the nation on the debt ceiling talks. speaker of the house john boehner will also speak after the president and we will carry
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both of the speeches live at 6:00 tonight. they unveiled new plans today. both would cut more than $2 trillion in spending but the gop plan calls for a second round of cuts next year while the damns and president obama back a one step plan. >> the republicans are more interested in trying to embarrass the president than doing what is right for the country. >> yank it would be irresponsible for the president to vet voe because it is a common sense plan. >> congress must raise the debt ceiling by august 2. at 5:30, how uncertainty could effect interest rates. the lack of progress helped push stocks lower today. investors are concerned the
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united states would lose its aaa death rating if they don't reach a deal. that could push interest rates higher. the dow jones industrial average fell 88 points to close at 12,593. the nasdaq composite index fell 16, or 0.6 percent, to 2,843. so much for falling gas prices. the price to fill up jumped 9 cents over the past two weeks. the national average is up to $3.70. according to aaa in the bay area drivers in san francisco are paying $3.91. san jose $3.82. dianne feinstein septa letter to president obama today calling for stricter standards that could help gas prices. that letter urges the implementation of fuel economy standards called for in the fuel economy act signed into law in 2007. day says the standards will
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raise the average to 35-mile as gal save 1.8 billion-barrels of oil. two gray whales have wandered off sourcecourse and certain is -- concern is mounting for their safety. i want to show you a mat that shows where they are. the climate's river intersects with highway 101. ktvu's john fowler has more. >> reporter: at this hour hope is dimming. they took a wrong turn migrating to alaska. >> reporter: not where you expect to find gray whales. the river, six miles from the sea. stranded for 28 days. a few hours ago the calf swam sea ward. >> if the calf has been separated it may not be able to
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survive. sick animals will seek ref fuge in calmer waters. >> reporter: you might remember fours ago a mother and calf. the mother and calf strayed 90 miles. listed as endangered. the law required attempts to save them. >> they got the whale to turn around in shallow water. >> reporter: lut the river whales are gray and no longer in danger. >> we did a lot of damage to whales and we still hunt them, so i think any effort we can make. >> reporter: numbers are increasing but these two may die. >> it's tragic in an individual sense but overall for the health of the population i don't think it will matter too much. >> reporter: scientists are continuing to try to heard the mother towards the ocean but she may be confused searching for her calf. john fowler, ktvu channel 2
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news. several small earthquakes shook the bay today. 3.3 hit at 10:40 and three other quakes hit around 1:00 this afternoon. no word on damage or injuries. the man accused of killing 70 people in norway is in solitary confinement today. tens of thousands of people packed the streets today. they held a moment of silence and left flowers. police today did reduce the death toll from 90 down to 76. all killed when a man set off a bomb and opened fire at a youth camp. anders behring breivik confessed to the killings but pleaded not guilty today. the judge revealed his motives. >> the accused believed that he needed to carry out these acts
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in order to save norway from cultural -- muslim takeover. >> he said he is part of a network of terrorist cells but so far police have named no other suspects. i do fear -- [ laughter ] >> what is he so afraid of? the president brings our team to the white house for a giant visit. which players got singled out for some fun. i will tell you when the fog will clear out and temperatures will increase.
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go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters. america learns it's a good idea to bet on the skinny guy. [ laughter ] >> skinny. that may be the only thing president obama has in common with tim lincecum. the president put the debt
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ceiling aside for a minute. presidential parade for the san francisco giants. what the giants do off the field was a big part of today's highlights. >> reporter: that's willy mays in the gray suit giving president obama a giants jersey. the 44th president welcomed the champs to the choice today. the team is still riding high after its first world series win in 56 years. >> then there is the guy with the beard. where is he? i do fear it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it wasn't all about baseball. the president honored the team for its work in the community. telling them to hang in there when they feel all alone. >> we had to deal with the pressure. the president also praised
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the team's history, all the years of torture and wished the players well, but not too well. >> i want to congratulate this team and wish them all the best of luck in the rest the season unless the white sox are in the world series. [ laughter ] >> it was a packed room. there were a lot of giants fans today. many from here in the bay area. including the lieutenty governor and dianne feinstein. a meeting with the president, the san francisco chronicle reports the mayor ed lee was summoned as part of a jury pool but the judge excused him because he had a paid vacation coming up along with today's trip to the white house along with the san francisco giants. governor jerry brown has been called to jury duty. he received the normal
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instructions to call in to see if he has to show up. if he does wind up on a jury won't be the first time or his first time as governor. in 1981 he served as foreman of a jury that acquitted a man. a group opposed to new york legalizing gay marriage sue today. they accuse them of violating its own procedures and its open meetings law and it claims the senate would not allow lawmakers against the bill to speak. the law took effect yesterday when they began holding wedding ceremonies all across new york. >> it's my honor the declare you married and partners for life. >> today 48 same-sex marriage couples got married. the couples came from all over the united states. >> this ceremony, a symbol of
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the ability of every couple to legally wed here in the great state of new york could not have been held in a better place. >> there were some protesters who turned out at that event to speak out against gay marriage. now that new york state legalized gay marriage same sex couples are expected to go there to get marriage. the hot muggy weather on the east coast eased tonight but it's a different story in the southwest. texas is suffering through a heat wave and drought. temperatures hit 105. other cities hit 109. the 24th day of triple digit temperatures. hot in the city of indiana. most stores sold out of window
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air conditioning units. many customers bought 2-3 electric fans instead. in the nation's capital the muggy weather eased slightly. temperatures fell into the 90s and drier air is expected for tomorrow. the washington post reports that for the first time in 140 years the temperature in d.c. staid above 84 degrees for more than 48 connective hours. a wild fire continues continues to burn near san diego. the eagle fire broke out last thursday on an indian reservation in the san diego county. the fire spread to more than 12,000 acres and now 45% contained. 5 people have been injured, one structure destroyed. we seen a mild fire season. let's go to chief meteorologist
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bill martin. we have had lower than average temperature. >> one of the quietest fire seasons and one of the cooler seasons we have seen, summer seasonsch and it continues that way. fog along ocean beach and pacifica and half moon bay. fog as you look into pacifica. we are gelting a lilt break by the cliff house. towards -- you can see the lands end and over by the field, you got clearing. the fog comes back in tomorrow. pretty much the same foot print. temperatures stay on the mild side. these are current temperatures outside. the upshot is, it's been a quit fire season. as soon as it gets real hot and the fire season starts to go, last week we got temperatures
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into the 90s we saw a few brush fires. right now mostly in the 80s tomorrow as temperatures stay on the mild side. the fog is aggressive and so that starts you off moist and cool and adds fuel moisture. how much moisture is in the grasses, trees. it gets a boost from the fog and moist conditions and that helps firefighters as well. tomorrow morning as you get going out of the house, not at 1:00 a.m., you are going to see a fog foot print like this. as you leave the house, early morning hours, concord, livermore, fremont you will have the foggy conditions and you will have a good shot at drizzle. you might have the windshield wipers going on the great highway of san francisco and also as it shoots across the bay, we have been seeing
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drizzle in the oakland hills. steve was talking about, you can look forward to that at noon and then it burns off tomorrow afternoon. 8:00 a.m. you see what it looks like and then it burns back. we will get specific with your forecast. it is mild out there now but the computer smallles increase the -- models increase the day time tie highes. nevada state officials say they had to trap and kill a bear after the bear wandered through a parking lot yesterday. the bear walked up to people sitting at a table outside a restaurant. officials say the bear was a rupeat offender. -- repeat offender. 60 workers at the airport all told to go home today, the crucial project they were working on and why the work came to a stop.
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a car flipped over and burst into flays around 11:30 last night. no word on the driv's condition. chp shut down the highway. all lanes reopened at 2:00 a.m. new work at a air tract-
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control tower came to a halt because of capitol hill. they broke ground on a new tower but the faa told the 60 engineers not to come to work today. workers stopped at dozens of other airport projects across the country and 4,000 workers furloughed. congress failed to renew the funding authorities after they dead locked over the legislation. the project is left in limbo. oakland international airport spokesperson says only nonessentially employees were fur explode will not effect airport operations but the airlines are trying to cash in on the disputes. how it could raise the price of
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your next flight coming up. pastors on the platforms paying $2 fairs for anybody that didn't have the money. >> the ministers in the community is getting together, getting the people together to prevent these things from happening. >> the shooting triggered several protests but nothing violent happened in the neighborhood related to the shooting. wedding bells ringing in new york but some people in san francisco say there is a good reason not to get married on the east coast. americans wonder what will happen to my financial security, i am tom vacar, that story still ahead.
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. complete bay area news coverage continues, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. they waited and fought for years to get married, now they can but they are not. with same-sex marriage now legal in new york you might expect couples to make the trek to tie the not. david, many are saying they rather stay single? >> reporter: that's right. even as many people here applaud new york's entry into the market, few are heading to the east coast to get hitched. >> we had no idea how much went into getting married. >> reporter: joe and mike are pioneers heading to new york to tie the not. >> everybody else, good for you. no one else is doing it.
5:30 pm
>> reporter: same-sex marriage advocates say few san francisco couples are heading east to marry. >> i don't know a lot of couples who are interested in marrying in new york. they want to get married here. >> reporter: he says many couples want to see whether california's proposition 8 is fully overturned. >> california is playing catch up. new york is setting the pace. >> new york marriages are enforceable in the state of california, no question. >> reporter: he is conducting a legal clinic in san francisco tonight on new york marriages. he doesn't expects a big turnout. >> i think what i have heard among my clients and friends, people trying to consider, you know, is it appropriate in our situation. >> reporter: they say it was a matter of weighing time versus opportunity. >> i was more willing to wait
5:31 pm
for prop 8 to fall. but i am 40 and joe is 50, he said he is not getting any younger. >> reporter: that legal clinic is set for 7:00 at san francisco's lgbt center on market street. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. the failed planned to play new york's flag in honor of the gay marriages have folks upset in san francisco. the flag was supposed to fly along the rainbow flag this weekend however the grommets on the new york flags didn't match the snaps on the flag pole. he blames the businesses and the markets that oversee the plaza. say the group didn't stage a test run with the flog. >> discovered there were technical problems with putting two flags on the flag pole at
5:32 pm
the same time. i consider that civic malpractice. >> they were calling for a community committee to be formed. the fam elof a patroly shot and killed with san francisco police hired a attorney. -- he was killed in a shoot out on july 16. the bullet that killed him came from his own gun. . >> there are persons from the community who claim he never fired a shot and he was in full sprint ahead. >> he is also a sing witnesses or anyone with any information to come forward. half hour away from the president address on the debt ceiling and even if failure to raise the debt ceiling is considered a ticking time bomb,
5:33 pm
tom vacar is live. >> reporter: you know, financial markets just hate uncertainty. but some say they seem to be ignoring something, the value of this. >> reporter: experts say corporate profits are good and interest rates are low. he says failure to prevent a government default -- >> our word, the full, faith and credit of the united states government is going to be highly suspect. >> reporter: fact of the matter is, few people in the stock market believe the united states would dare to default on any of its debts. >> become as guerilla. the market is not prepared for it and the drop will be
5:34 pm
sharper, steeper, more violent. >> reporter: folks say it's time for congress to act. >> hearsay. it's growing. something needs to be done. >> lot of people may not get their social security check. i think they will do everything they can to avoid that. >> reporter: some of the 90 million checks uncle sam must write won't be and america's credit rating will prompt other interest rates to rise as well. >> it's going to take something -- you know, other world leaders to fix it. >> reporter: unless they fix it your pay check to your pensions, everything is somewhat at risk. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. governor brown signed a bill that lets college students who came to the united states illegal as children to receive
5:35 pm
private financial aid. they celebrated back in may. the first of a two bill package. the second billed with allow those students to receive publicly funded aid. that is more controversial and in the state senate right now. the california dream act inch its from the federal version which includes a path to citizenship. >> more trouble for dominique strauss-kahn. he is face attempted rape charges over an incident in new york. . jury selection started for warren jeffs. he walked into a courtroom without answering any questions. he is accused of forcing young girls into marriages. 400 children were removed from that compound.
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jury selection continues tomorrow. the first california this year with a confirmed case of west nile is recuperating today. mosquitoes usually transmit it from birds to humans. the search is on for a missing san francisco woman tonight. friends last saw her yesterday at a wedding in marshall. friends say she had plans to attend a meeting in san francisco around 6:00 p.m. but never made it. she drive as black bmw. not one but five fake apple stores popped up in china and one smartphone company says it is cutting jobs, why, next. tonight why prices will be going down on seven of the top 20 best selling drugs.
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china says it shut down 2-5 fake apple stores because they were selling fake apple products. we showed you pictures on friday. an american living there spotted one of the stores and
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pictures of it showed up on the internet. the company that makes the blackberry smartphone plans to cut its work force by 11%. officials say they will notify the 2,000 employees effected this week. apple's iphone and phones using android made deep cuts into blackberry's market share. netflix issued a earnings report that exceeded estimates. earned $88 million in the april through june period. a 57% increase from last year. they also says it specifics to add a million new subscribers this quarter. posting something online you wished to take back? you are not alone. researchers asked 1,000 people
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about their online activity. 18% said they posted something that they regretted. half said social media sites really do more harm than good. governor jerry brown vetoed legislation that would have kept adult day headquarter centers from -- healthcare centers from closing. the backers say the veto will result in higher healthcare costs in the future for 30,000 californians. big savings for inasmuch. 7 of the words top 20 best selling drugs will be available in generic forms. the price of filling a prescription will drop as competing companies make the drugs. doctors hope the lower prices will reduce the number of
5:42 pm
people who are jeopardizing their healths because they can't afford the medicines they need. new figures show 100 deaths per year from chickenpox between 1990 and 1994 but the figures fell to 14 deaths in 2007. after the introduction of the vaccine. that's an 88% drop since the vaccine was approved in 1995. it is money you used to pay one government agency for taxes but now it's going to the airlines for profit. i am back in 10 minutes, tomorrow's forecast, temperatures increasing as we move through the 5 day.
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. the irs says it's going to make it easier to escape liability when a husband or wife file a faulty tax return that they don't know about. many taxpayers complained in a divorce ow spouses don't know about shady tax filings for years so they are doing away with the two year limit. ktvu's paul chambers tells us airlines are raising their
5:46 pm
prices. airlines are making millions of dollars in profits you used to pay the government in taxes. >> reporter: the faa tax as ticket of $25. the faa can't collect that tax because it expired midnight friday. >> let the people, the passengers, let them keep the money. things -- prices are so up and down now. the airlines see it differently. because of higher fuel costs, the website reports most airlines increased prices between $16 to $60 after the tax expired. instead of passing the savings, the airlines will pocket the profit. >> capitalism. it's the world we live on. >> this is an opportunity, unfortunate they chose this one. it's tied up with the tax and debt ceiling stuff. ium contacted all the major
5:47 pm
airlines but only virgin america and southwest responded. both state yes, they did raise the fairs on some flights but not all. >> i am paying the same, why do i care? >> they should back it up with service. >> reporter: as long as the battle continues in washington the faa says not collecting the tax fee it will lose $200 million a week. the safety of the public will not be compromised. more at 6:00. live, paul camebers ktvu channel 2 news. julie haener joins us live for the story for 6:00. the big show is almost called off. a theater summer camp ended when the operator shut it down. the production parents put together to keep their kids on stage and police are one step closer to catching a group of
5:48 pm
killers. the new connection investigators made between two recent killings. also at 6:00, we are waiting for the president and speaker of the house john boehner to address us. we will bring you that live and the latest in 10 minutes. getting the go ahead to log a part of lake tahoe forest. the fire devastated the area in 2007. the forest service says logging will prevent future fires. two groups sues saying it will harm a rare woodpecker. the court did not give a ruling -- reason for the ruling. a man was attacked by killer bees earlier this month. he was walking his dogs long a path on july 5 when one of his
5:49 pm
pets disturbed a hive. >> got stung all over my arms and hands. there are still a few bites visible. >> he suffered 50 bee stings in all. on to weather now. kind of mild out there but i guess saying if you like hot weather, wait a couple days. >> temperatures are on the increase. this week temperatures cooler and really good news if you are a firefighter in california. also the air quality management district loves this weather, nigh sea breezes, mild temperatures. here is what we have right now, daley city, stays foggy. we got clearing on your way to daley city. patchy fog moving back in. as you move across san
5:50 pm
francisco and twin peaks it's clear and temperatures in the mid-60s. so definitely a nice day out at the beaches. it started off foggy. tonight, of course, low clouds and fog return. it will be back like it was this morning and it will linger around in the morning, burn back, temperatures tomorrow warmer. similar. maybe warmer in some places, towards the end of the week we heat up. heat wave? no. extra hot? no. warmer. tuesday morning the models and some of the other guidances are suggesting drizzle. i would buy that. look for drizzle around twin peaks. ocean beach. around the east bay hills. the bay area low 60s that ocean beaches. temperatures across the bay
5:51 pm
upper 60s 60s -- 60s. temperatures increase, towards the end of the week. tuesday, here we go. fog and low clouds. tomorrow like today. then the heat builds out from the east. as it builds in, temperatures come up. we will see temperatures getting up into the upper 80s low 90s wednesday, thursday, friday. these are subtle changes. it's been a subtle summer. it has. i can't remember -- i remember there was one similar in the '80s. but this is not your typical summer weather pattern. especially that beach. lot of you are out in jackets. these are the highs for tomorrow. brentwood, that's not right. but nice and mild. not way below. the fog long the coast lingers. and we start to warm up.
5:52 pm
you will see that in the five- day forecast, the warm up. weekend coming into few. bump tuesday over. bump it over and here is your weekend. low 90s we talked about. those are still not crazy hot, just warmer. >> thank you. the coast guard called off the search for a man who disappeared from a cruise ship. he was a passengers on a cruise to alaska. on friday a crew member reported that he was missing and possibly went overboard. all weekend the u.s. coast guard tried to locate the 20- year-old from san diego but there was never any sign of him. how is this for strange a man woke up and found himself in a morgue refrigerator. 21 hours after they thought he was dead the man woke up and
5:53 pm
started yelling. he actually had a asthma attack. >> bizarre. a california couple on the hunt for big foot, what they say they have and why they think it will help lead them to big foot.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
. over the years plenty of
5:56 pm
folks claimed to have spotted fig foot. that creature that tromps through the forest. now wan couple has gone in search of big foot using a recorded call from the beast. >> there it is. she and her husband are hunting big foot. they claim to have recorded several big foot calls in the wild and have been playing them in the forest hoping to lure him out of the woods. he says when he was a teen he actually saw big foot. >> stood up on two legs and walked off and i got a good look at it walking on two legs. >> they heard big foot call back to them but they haven't
5:57 pm
seen the creature. they are part of the alliance of independent big foot researchers which post sightings and hold conferences on him. coming up in 90 seconds a string of homicides may be connected. we are just learning about the new link police found in two recent killings. no one broke a leg but there were lots of broken hearts. and we are minutes away from president obama's press conference, he is expected to discuss the schett show down -- the debt show down. we will bring it to you live coming up in just 90 seconds.
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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. good evening and welcome to a special edition of ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. president obama is about to address the country. >> before he begins here are today's top stories. a teen who survived a bear attack is flying home right


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